Dominion Online

Multi purpose extension

Kingdom generator

When using the extension each time the game tries to pick a random kingdom set (in unranked and casual modes) a popup appears. You can use it to modify the method used to generate the kingdom. While the user interface is minimal, it allows for quite powerful customization. Of course you are still limited to the cards you purchased. First some examples:

How this really works

The expression given to the generator must define 10 sets (11 if Young Witch can be selected) of cards separated by commas. The simplest set specification is All, use all the cards available. So the full kingdom may look like this:
All, All, All, All, All, All, All, All, All, All, All
However, you can precede any set specification with a number to use if multiple times. So the above shortens to:
11 All
On top of that, if you specify less than 11 sets, the last set will be used for the missing ones. That gives even shorter equivalent of the above:
Having all 11 sets the generator picks one card of each set starting from the first set. Cards not available or already picked are excluded (so if some of the sets are smaller than 11 cards, the generator may fail). The 11th card is only picked when Young Witch was among the first 10 selected.

Basic sets

There are couple of types of basic sets that can be used by name: Spaces and special characters in the names are ignored as is the character case. So King's Court can be also spelled kingscourt or Kings-Court.


More complex sets can be achieved using operators on the basic sets: